Teaching Mission

My teaching philosophy emphasizes the crucial responsibility that I hold as the instructor to engage students with questions regarding class, race, gender, sexuality, nationality, disability, and religion within media texts and media structures. My primary goal is to meaningfully involve students in a classroom setting through either a multimedia lecture format or focused classroom discussion about the impacts of structural inequality within media systems on the content which is produced as well as how that content then impacts our local and global communities.

Research Mission

In my research I critically examine corporate models of media creation, the texts they produce, the ideological implications of media texts, and how audiences interpret and interact with said corporate texts. My textual areas of focus are contemporary western cinema franchises, specifically the Star Wars franchise, along with their paratexts in both the digital and physical worlds, and digital media platforms such as YouTube. My theoretical areas of focus are the political economy of media, critical textual analysis, and audience reception research. I am especially interested in applying these frameworks to issues of posthumanism in media texts, the ongoing threat of white supremacy and nationalism in digital media, and audience interpretations of corporate representations of oppressed communities.

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